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Dear guests,
The safety and well-being of our guests is our greatest value. Due to the epidemic situation in Poland, we have introduced additional
safety and hygiene rules that will allow you to enjoy a safe and peaceful stay at Park Hotel.

We invite you to familiarize yourself with our rules.


Reception desk

There can be only 1 Guest at the reception desk.

We have designated places to stop people waiting for the reception staff every 2 meters

Guests are separated from the reception staff by a transparent plexiglass plate

We have reduced the time of our guests' service to a minimum, while maintaining comprehensive customer service

The Receptionist's employees serve the Guests in protective masks

We provide unrestricted access to disinfectants for guests in the reception hall

We encourage our guests to disinfect their hands before starting the check-in process

The reception desk, telephones, payment terminals and other public areas are regularly disinfected by employees.

During the check-in, we inform our Guests about the safety procedures in force in the facility and ask them to accept
their knowledge and compliance with the guidelines

It is absolutely forbidden to stay in a hotel room or apartment for non-residents.

We encourage our Guests to make non-cash settlements, we disinfect the terminals after each use.

We disinfect room cards on an ongoing basis

Daily instands and disinfects the entire reception area



Each hotel room is generally cleaned and disinfected after the Guests' departure.

For the safety of the cleaning staff, the room will be cleaned as late as possible after check-out.

Our hygienic procedures provide for additional disinfection of specific surfaces and objects,
which can be most frequently touched in the room, such as: handles, handles, switches, TV remote controls, bathroom fittings, etc. 

We wind up hotel rooms and apartments after each stay for at least 30 minutes.

Ozoning or misting is outsourced to a specialist external company as required

Room cleaners are equipped with protective masks and disposable gloves, which are disposed of after cleaning

For the sake of security, we have removed unnecessary objects and decorations from the rooms, informants



At the current stage (as of 04.05.2020) the restaurant operates to a limited extent. All activities comply with the regulations
Ministry of Development, sanitary / WHO / Ministry of Development / HACCP recommendations and internal procedures of the facility:

We provide the possibility of ordering meals with personal collection by the Guest or with the possibility of delivery at specific hours.
for room service (no extra charge for room service), in special disposable airtight boxes or on porcelain
under the cover. A dedicated menu with information about allergens will be prepared for this purpose. Cutlery and porcelain will
thoroughly brewed, every time you pick them up from the room.

Every day, it will keep the restaurant rooms

Before entering the restaurant we provide dispensers with disinfectant, and we ask our guests to disinfect their hands.

In case of subfebrile state and disease symptoms, the Guest must not be in the restaurant space

Restaurant employees perform their duties equipped with protective masks and disposable gloves

Cooks and kitchen staff work in protective masks, disposable gloves and cooking hats

In the kitchen and catering facilities we provide dispensers with disinfectant and employees regularly wash and disinfect their hands.
and their jobs

We regularly disinfect the entire kitchen space

In cooperation with suppliers, we take care of the security of supply of products to kitchen parts.
Suppliers are obliged to wash and then disinfect their hands after entering the premises.

All employees who come into contact with food follow the rules: Health and Safety, HACCP, good hygiene and production practices,
they each use protective clothing such as changeable shoes, caps, gloves, masks


Public places

In public places, including the reception desk, we provide dispensers with disinfectant in front of the restaurant.

All public areas are regularly maintained and disinfected.

We have placed dispensers with disinfectant in public toilets

In each toilet and at each dispenser, we have placed hand washing instructions

In the common parts, we have introduced a requirement to use masks

We disinfect toilets, handles, staircase handrails in common areas with special care.



Employees strictly follow the rules of work in protective masks, disposable gloves

Every employee regularly disinfects his or her work tools and takes care of hand hygiene and cleanliness

In the event of a subfebrile condition and symptoms, the worker is immediately sent home

We provide unrestricted access to hand disinfection fluid for employees in areas accessible to employees

We have introduced additional disinfection of common areas for employees - kitchen, social rooms and warehouses

We have taken care of safe workstations with a distance of 2 meters, in the spaces where the employees are

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